Are polarized sunglasses good for driving?


What does polarized sunglasses mean?

The polarized sunglass is a type of sunglasses that only allows light in a certain polarization direction in natural light to pass through. Because of its filter influence, objects will darken when you wear them.

What do polarized sunglasses do?

Polarized sunglasses can change the color of things to a minimum, making the scene more real and natural without visual distortion and dizziness. This not only increases eye comfort when driving but also reduces the risk factor of visual disturbances.

Are polarized sunglasses better?

When driving in summer, remember to bring a polarized sunglass, myopic people should go to a special organ to configure this kind. In addition to the above precautions, there are four major misunderstandings to pay special attention to. Polarized sunglasses is the best choice in driving process.

Misunderstanding 1: The darker lens color is better for eye protection

Many people take it for granted that the darker lens color is better for UV protection.

The function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coating, and the color is not as dark as possible.

Especially for long-distance drivers, if they wear sunglasses that are too dark in color, their eyes are more prone to fatigue, and it is more dangerous to enter tunnels and other places with sudden darkness under strong sunlight.

Misunderstanding 2: Polarized lenses are the most comfortable

Many drivers like to wear polarized lenses, which can effectively filter out glare. Glare may cause discomfort and fatigue to the eyes, and affect the clarity of vision, so many drivers feel that wearing polarized sunglasses is the most comfortable for their eyes.

But if you must wear a polarized lens, you must choose a good quality optical lens.

For example, the lens with a silver coating that looks like mirrors and has a strong anti-glare function, suitable for driving.

Misunderstanding 3: Do not wear myopia in the driving process

Some drivers are slightly short-sighted, and it is no problem not to wear myopia when driving.

But once you put on the sunglasses, the problem comes: the eyes are more fatigued, and the vision will decrease, just like the vision will be affected when driving at night. Therefore, drivers with slight myopia usually have no problem driving. If they want to wear sunglasses, they must be equipped with myopia lenses.

The correct color of sunglasses can add safety protection to the driver while driving. On the whole, brown and gray are both good choices.