Best glasses for big face


With the development of science and technology, people no longer wear glasses to see the texts. More and more people are in pursuit of beautiful shape. Now eyeglasses have gradually become one of the accessories that everyone wears and matches to enhance the bright spot. However, there are many kinds of eyeglass shapes and people's face shapes. The same glasses cannot be suitable for every face shape. So what kind of glasses for big faces look good? How do you choose suitable glasses frames? First of all, we must know what the big faces are to understand better which glasses are suitable for big faces. Generally speaking, big faces are roughly divided into big round faces, big long faces, big oval faces and big square faces. Below, let the editor give you a detailed introduction to the strategy of wearing eyeglasses with a big face.

What eyeglass shapes look good with a round face

The big round face is characterized by rounded cheeks, broad forehead, rounded chin, and overall it gives a rounded feeling. So many round lines require the wearing of sharply angular glasses. Choosing a frame with round gold or silver edges will make your face look more rounded. Thus, round glasses on a round face are unsuitable. If the frame is wide and beveled, the face will look a little longer. Flat and wide frame glasses, such as rectangular and olive-shaped frames, have the best modification to the round lines and make the round face look slender. Glasses with a slightly thicker frame, colder lenses, and darker colors also have the visual effect of "tightening" the face; on the contrary, over-bright yellow, red lenses or sunglasses with slender and soft frame lines will set off the face even more.

What kind of eyeglass shapes look good on a big long face

The typical long face has a high forehead, the jaws are more angular, and the chin is also long. Wearing suitable eyeglasses can make a face look broader and shorter. The wide-sided bridge and dark temples will break the straight lines of the long face. Because wide-brimmed, large-frame glasses can cover more of the lower part of the face, it is recommended that people with long faces wear these eyeglasses.
Generally speaking, if you have a long face, it is more suitable to wear round and square frames, and you can choose a larger frame. The upper part is flat with the eyebrows, and the lower part is round. It will cover part of the face, and the face will appear smaller. But the frame should not be wider than the cheeks so as not to look longer. Frames suitable for long faces include oblate or curved mirrors and slightly thicker temples, which can reduce the slenderness of the face.

The face with a long face is longer, and the line of the chin is tough. Long-faced ladies can leave the bangs to hide. Choose a round glasses frame to alleviate the toughness of the long face. Men can choose a streamlined frame to ease the long face. Or choose a thicker and more square frame without prominent edges and corners to reduce the long face shape so that the temperament is more prominent.

What kind of eyeglass shapes look good on a big oval face

The flat forehead and the pointed chin are shaped like triangles, and the jaws are almost level with the eyes. These are the characteristics of the face of oval face shape. The lower part of this face has smooth and well-proportioned lines, so eyeglasses that can form "longitudinal lines" on the face should be worn to make up for the lack of a flat hinge on the upper part. It is best to choose eyeglasses with oval frames and clear lines.
Glasses with the curvature of the frame extending below the eyebrows are most suitable. Eyeglasses without frames are also suitable for oval face shape. Eyeglasses with lighter lenses and thinner metal frames can effectively reduce the weight on the face's upper face to make the initially wide upper half of the face more expansive.

The oval face shape is suitable for wearing well-defined eyeglasses, especially glasses with slanted wide edges that will make your face appear slightly longer. And the oval face is not suitable for oblate or round frames. Not only can't it modify your face shape, but it will also affect your whole person's aura.

What kind of eyeglass shapes look good on a square face

A broad forehead characterizes the big square face. The face has sharp edges and corners, the jaw area is higher and broader, the sides are not apparent, and the face is square. Wearing eyeglasses with round or oval frames will make the contours of the face appear softer. Wearing bright-toned metal frames can also eliminate this stiff feeling.

When choosing eyeglasses, try to choose glasses with circular frames. They can be academic-style glasses that are thicker and thinner or retro round glasses. In short, the arc frame can be used as a medium to smooth the lines of the square face. The above are the best glasses for square faces to select. For girls with square faces, don't choose square-framed glasses anymore. They will look very rigid.

If you want to wear good glasses to look nice, the size of the glasses, same as the size of the faceplate, is not too big a problem. Whether you choose ordinary glasses or sunglasses for travel, the best shape of the frame is opposite to the shape of your face. The last thing everyone should pay attention to is that you need to look at the shape of your nose when you wear glasses with a big face because when someone sees you wearing a new pair of glasses, the first thing that enters their eyes is not the frame, but your nose. Therefore, people with short noses are more suitable to wear bright-colored nose bridges, and the frame should be close to the forehead. If you have a longer nose, you should shift the sight of others to the nose bridge. A broader and tighter nose bridge will make the nose appear shorter. However, this is not an absolute rule for wearing glasses. Everyone has a different hairstyle and temperament. You still have to go to the optician to try out what kind of glasses you want to wear.