Classic Mens Reading Glasses
Classic Mens Reading Glasses
Classic Mens Reading Glasses
Classic Mens Reading Glasses
Classic Mens Reading Glasses

Classic Mens Reading Glasses

Model NO.

Classic mens reading glasses are made primarily for presbyopia which is an age-related eye disease most people experience around 40-50 years of age. Presbyopia is caused by a decreased elasticity in the eye's lens, making it more difficult to focus on objects in a close range. Classic mens reading glasses are lightweight on the bridge of your nose,and durable.

Why Pilot Optics?
There are so many eyewear suppliers in China. Why should purchasers choose to wholesale classic mens reading glasses from us?

The answer is simple. First, we are a well-known manufacturer in the industry. We have been in the glasses industry for more than 20 years and export products to more than 100 countries and regions. In supermarkets in the United States or Europe, you might still see our brand.

Second, we have the most complete line of glasses and frame products. Our professional design team will regularly develop and launch new products, which is why our products always keep up with the market trend.

If you want the most popular and fashionable reading glasses, but you want a reasonable price, we are your best choice.

Product Name: Men Plastic Basic Reading Glasses

Model No:PR-P13090-1


Gender: Male

Frames Material: Plastic

Lens Material: PC

Frame Size:51-19-140

Hinge Type: with flex

Color: 1 colors or any color you want

MOQ: 1200 pcs

Delivery date: 60 days

Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

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