How different frame color affects moods?


Whether it colors or achromatic, it has its expression characteristics. Each color changes in its purity and brightness, or when it lies in a different color matching relationship, the expression of the color will also change. Therefore, it is approved as difficult to tell the expression characteristics of various colors as it is to tell the personality characteristics of everyone in the world. However, we can still make some descriptions of typical colors. As below, we list a series of eyeglasses colors that may affect and show your mood.

The meaning of colorful frames for glasses


Red is an enthusiastic and warm color. Red Glasses not only can show better visual effects, but also is designed to convey the feeling of vitality, positiveness, enthusiasm, and warmth.

Bright red is commonly used for eye-catching, light red is generally gentle and tender, and dark red can generally be used as a set-off, giving it a deeper and warm feeling. Being bright and bold with red eyeglasses.


Orange is bright and lively color. It is the warmest color in the fiery color system. It is a color of abundance, joy, and happiness. When using orange, we must pay particular attention to the choice of matching colors and expressions, so that the vibrant and vivid specialty of orange eyeglasses can be brought into play.


Yellow is glorious and brilliant, with sun-like brilliance and golden light. It is the color of pride. The matching of yellow and green is very vigorous and energetic; the matching of yellow and blue is beautiful and fresh; the matching of soft yellow and dark yellow is the most elegant. Yellow readers imply that you shouldn't take life too seriously and enjoy your day.


Green can convey a sense of growth, refreshing and pure hope. Bright green is a very stunning and elegant color. Green is tolerant and generous and can hold almost all colors. The use of green is extremely broad, whether it is childhood, youth, middle-aged, or old age, the use of green will never lose its liveliness and generosity. Green is inseparable from various decorations, and green can be used as a casual color. Thus, green eyewear is a nice choice for selection.


We can see clearly blue from the vast and boundless sky and sea. Blue represents the symbol of eternity. It is the calmest color. Pure blue shows a kind of beauty, quietness, reason, peace, and cleanliness. Blue readers fit perfectly the evolving reality of contemporary life.


Due to its strong femininity, purple is also quite limited in commercial design colors. Violet is the shortest visible light wave. Purple is a non-perceptual color that shows beauty and mystery. It gives a deep impression. It is both menacing and inspiring.

Purple is in an indeterminate state between cold and warm, coupled with its low lightness nature, purple cannot accommodate many colors, but it can accommodate various faded levels. Dare to be unique with purple eyeglasses.


White is the principal color that is always popular in daily necessities and clothing. It can match any color. The perfect combination for white eyeglasses to fit a professional environment but also for leisure moments.


Black has a noble, stable, and technological feeling. Most of the space design, daily necessities, and clothing design use black to create a noble image, and it is also the main color that is always popular, suitable for matching with various colors. If you confuse, black eyeglasses are the easiest for matching.


Gray is an intermediate character that expresses a soft and elegant image that can be acceptable to both men and women. Gray is still very popular in recent years. Therefore, gray is also the core color that will always be popular. When utilizing gray, most of them use different levels of change and combination or other colors, so that they will not be single, dull, and stiff. There is no doubt that gray readers are the perfect frame to add a pop color to every face shape.


Exquisite and perfect, anyone can hold it. The tortoise frame is a must-have for your collection. Suitable for those who wish to go from knowledge conversations to informal occasions, tortoise eyeglasses are the best choice for the autumn months because of their main brown and black undertones.