How to choose reading glasses?


Some people think that the presbyopic can be changed by wearing reading glasses frames. Hence, wearing reading glasses earlier or later will cause great damage to the eyes. Eye presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon that occurs with age. Don’t determine the time to wear reading glasses frames based on your own set of experiences, and mistakenly believe that wearing reading glasses at the right time can correct vision and increase eye health.

1. Go to a professional frame institution for strongest reading glasses

For any middle-aged and elderly people who need reading glasses, optometry is necessary. If you choose reading glasses, don’t casually pick street vendor reading glasses. Because some people have different diopters of their eyes, finished-ready readers glasses have the same degree on the left and right lens, which is not suitable for presbyopic. Therefore, it is indispensable to choose a professional optical shop optometry glasses.

2. Choose the right reading glasses frame

When choosing the reading glasses, in addition to price and aesthetics as the standard, pay special attention to matching the size of the selected reading glasses with the interpupillary distance as much as possible. It directly affects the internal optical quality and wearing comfort of the reading glasses. Frames with smooth coating and flexible elasticity are generally of good quality. How to size reading glasses that determines your prescription. The size and shape of the lens must be the same. Besides, the bridge of the nose should be symmetrical. It is better to assemble each part of the reading glasses tightly.

3. Distinguish the occasion to wear reading glasses frame

Reading glasses are only suitable for looking at close objects, and should not be worn when looking at distant or normal objects. It is inadvisable to wear reading glasses for a long time regardless of time, which can cause dizziness, blurred vision, and decreased eye accommodation. Some elderly people are not suitable for wearing progressive reading glasses. If they use their eyes to see near or far, they can be equipped with two different reading glasses. One for looking close and the other for looking far. If elderly people look at close objects frequently, just match a pair of single vision lenses. But if the vision requirements are relatively high, and the adaptability allows, the elderly people can choose to wear progressive reading glasses. For middle-aged people who often participate in outdoor activities, they can also wear photochromic reading glasses. It's more beneficial to take care of eye health.

Matters needing attention with reading glasses frame:

1. Reading glasses must be worn after the examination by the ophthalmologist or optometrist.

2. It is necessary to check the interpupillary distance between the eyes before wearing reading glasses.

3. Choose smoke-colored or gray-blue lenses with a filtering effect to protect the retina.

4. When wearing reading glasses for the first time, may bring uncomfortable symptoms such as conscious target magnification, object deformation, dizziness, etc. These features are mostly caused by excessively wearing reading glasses. On the contrary, although the vision is clear, reading for a long time will cause eye fatigue, most of which are insufficient lens power.

5. Generally, the degrees of the reading glasses between the two lenses cannot exceed 400 degrees.

6. Diabetics must control their blood sugar to be close to normal before they wear reading glasses.

7. Do not be rush to wear reading glasses after taking orally or injecting sulfa drugs and glaucoma miotics.