How to choose reading glasses with progressive lens?


Progressive multifocal lenses, also called progressive lenses, are one of the lens types which owns multiple focal changes. The main purpose of this lens is simply understood to meet the needs of middle-aged and elderly people who can see near and far clearly at the same time and can be corrected by only one pair of eyeglasses.

Usually, after 45 years of age, there will be insufficient near-adjustment power, which leads to unclear near vision. This phenomenon is commonly called "presbyopia". The experience of using two pairs of glasses is very unsatisfactory. Progressive lenses can be perfectly satisfied. They are suitable for all kinds of needs in daily life which can reduce the need to continually take off the reading glasses. The progressive reading glasses clear on top of the lens is suitable for long-distance viewing. The diopter in the middle gradually increases, and you can watch TV or computer. The bottom is full-power magnification like reading glasses, which is convenient for reading newspapers. Use one pair of progressive multifocus reading glasses for far and near. When choosing progressive lenses for reading glasses, except for optometry data We also need to pay attention to the importance of selecting frames to avoid minefields to maximize the advantages of the progressive lens.

Four aspects need to refer:

1: Material and frame type

In addition to accurate refraction of all lens parameters of the progressive lens, another important requirement is that the center position of the pupil must be consistent with the lens. Therefore, we need the frame to be stable, not easy to deform, and can be adjusted after deformation. Rimless and memory type frames can exclude, regardless of rimless frames of all materials, injection type frames, memory frames, non-adjustable natural material frames.

2: Frame type

There is a blurry area on the nose and temporal sides of the progressive lens. This is unavoidable when designing the lens. Thus, we need to avoid it as much as possible when selecting eyeglasses. The frame cannot be selected too large. The part of the large frame that needs to be cut less will retain more fuzzy areas.

The design of the near zone of the progressive lens is close to the nose, so we can't choose a frame that needs to cut off the side of the nose.

To ensure that there is enough area for looking near and far, the height of the frame must be at least 36mm to meet the requirements of cutting and assembly

3: nose pads

The position of the nose pads is often deformed or slipped. Wearing the progressive lens needs to be adjusted to the correct position. Therefore, we need a movable nose pad that is more convenient to adjust. Excluding fixed ratio pads, generally choose "S" "type nose pads

4: end piece

The position of the end piece is also considered for adjustment, so choose a flexible style that is easier to adjust.

The progressive lenses obviously should fit your style and keep comfortable during the day. As a professional reading glasses manufacturer in China, we provide various progressive multifocal reading glasses with different shapes and colors, and every customer can select their style.