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A suitable pair of glasses should include correct optometry parameters and right frames. The appropriate glasses include lenses suitable for children and frames exclusively for children. So what should be considered from how to select eyeglasses for kids?
Some users always feel uncomfortable after wearing the new glasses. What is the reason? New eyeglasses need a certain adaptation period. When wearing the new eyeglasses, the new glasses will feel brighter and may produce slight dizziness.
It is not difficult for users who need to wear glasses online to wear a pair of qualified glasses, but how to judge whether their glasses are qualified? We know what qualified glasses are, and how should we choose suitable glasses?
The primary objective of reading glasses is to help patients with presbyopia. Prescription glasses can correct most vision conditions which are mainly designed for patients with specific vision problems.
The progressive lens enables the wearer to realize the vision of continuous images in the far, middle, and short distances without paying too much adjustment force. The Progressive multifocal lens is divided into three types for different people's needs.
There are many kinds of eyeglass shapes and people's face shapes. The same glasses cannot be suitable for every face shape. So what kind of glasses for big faces look good? How do you choose suitable glasses frames? Generally speaking, big faces are roughly divided into big round faces, big long faces, big oval faces and big square faces. Below, let the editor give you a detailed introduction to the strategy of wearing eyeglasses with a big face.
When designing for different materials and styles, eyewear designers will judge whether nose pads are needed based on the comfort and aesthetics of the glasses. Generally, nose pads for glasses can be divided into the following series.
What are bifocal lenses? In brief, the bifocal lens mainly separates views two parts through the middle line. The bottom of the lens is used for close reading and the top lens is used for seeing things in the distance.
What does progressive lenses mean? The progressive lens doesn't have direct lines so that the transition between distances is smoother. Progressive glasses also improve your vision at three different distances - making it easier than ever to see!
What is the difference between polarized vs nonpolarized sunglasses? How to tell if sunglasses are polarized? One of the functional differences between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses is whether they can filter glare.
Before choosing fishing polarized sunglasses, you should try them on, so that your eyes can feel the effects of different polarized lenses. A pair of high-quality polarized sunglasses can perfectly protect your eyes in hot summer fishing.
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