Outdoor Sports Polarized Sunglasses
Outdoor Sports Polarized Sunglasses

Outdoor Sports Polarized Sunglasses

Model NO.

Lightweight and soft frames: you will forget to wear them. During the adventure, you can't let go of heavy sunglasses to overwhelm you. Therefore, the design of this sporty polarized sunglasses is extremely lightweight. Especially suitable for those who are not used to wearing glasses. Sports sunglasses for men and women are very suitable.

Reflective coated lenses. Outdoor Sports Polarized Sunglasses can not only limits the amount of light that your eyes are exposed to, but also ensures that no light with wavelengths of 400 nanometers and below reaches your eyes. Since light with a wavelength below 400 nanometers belongs to the ultraviolet range, it may harm the eyes. This means that these glasses can provide you with comprehensive UV protection, blue light or any harmful light you can think of.

Stress-resistant spectacle frames. An active lifestyle means that your sunglasses must be strong and sturdy enough to handle any challenges you face. The specially designed anti-stress material frame can meet your various needs.

Two-lens polar ellipse geometry, each lens is cut from a single toric lens. It also incorporates an amazing dual-lens polar ellipsoid geometry. This means you will get amazing depth perception, color contrast and sharpness. Clear low vision.

Outdoor Sports Polarized Sunglasses is equipped with an advanced coloring system. This means they will not distort natural colors as they increase color contrast. Therefore, your field of view is enhanced without being distorted. You can still see natural colors in all glory.

Product Name: Unisex Plastic Sports Sunglasses

Model No: SP-200600


Gender: Unisex

Frames Material: Plastic

Lens Material: AC/PC/Polarized

Frame Size:

Hinge Type: non hinge

Color: 1 colors or any color you want

MOQ: 1200 pcs

Delivery date: 60 days

Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

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