Quality Fashionable Reading Glasses
Quality Fashionable Reading Glasses

Quality Fashionable Reading Glasses

Model NO.

Quality fashionable reading glasses gather all bright and vivid colors that make skin young, clear, and lustrous. Contracted lines outline the feelings of a transparent atmosphere. Square shapes are popular with youngsters. Certainly, they are more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Moreover, bouncing colors show a burst of energy. Matching polka-dots pouches can help to protect the reading glasses from lens scratch and also be more convenient for you to take them.

Cleaning glasses
For people who wear quality fashionable reading glasses, frequent cleaning of the lenses is a necessary task. We always touch the lens inadvertently and make the lens blur. Come and try the tips we provide to keep your lenses clear at all times.

First, rinse the glasses with running warm water to remove any debris attached to the lenses.

Second, put a small drop of detergent or lotion-free hand sanitizer on each lens. Massage gently.

Third, after about a minute, rinse the glasses with running water. Dry them with a clean, lint-free towel.

You see, it's that simple. Hurry up and learn it.

Product Name: Quality fashionable reading glasses

Model No: B1136


Gender: Female

Frames Material: Plastic

Lens Material: PC

Frame Size:52-18-142

Hinge Type: with flex

Color: 6 colors or any color you want

MOQ: 1200 pcs

Delivery date: 60 days

Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

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