Readers VS Prescription Glasses


It is widely known that eyewear can significantly help people with vision problems achieve the best vision. I want to tell you here that different types of lenses can meet different eye problems. You cannot simply borrow your friend's glasses to see or read more clearer. It is not the optimal approach to help you solve your vision. Eyeglasses shouldn't work this way (unless you and your friend happen to have the same prescription)!

As people grow older, their eyes generally become less flexible. These are specific aspects of aging. Nonetheless, if you never touch the ways of eyesight correction before, it is necessary to learn some knowledge of eyewear nowadays.

However, for simplicity, most people are confused about these two types of corrective eyeglasses: reading glasses and prescription glasses. Nearsightedness, hyperopia, astigmatism or other diseases are generally treated in these two ways, but the great mass of customers do not understand the distinction between them. Clearly further understand the distinction between reading glasses and prescription glasses as a matter of priority.

Let's take a look at the difference between these two most popular eyewear options.


Both types of eyeglasses are beneficial to solve eyesight problems. However, the primary objective of reading glasses is to help patients with presbyopia. It is a prevalent eye disease that often happens between 35 and 45 years of age.

The occurrence of presbyopia will lead to the decrease of the elasticity of the lens, which will affect the adjustment function of the eye. As a result, it is difficult to see close objects, unable to become short-sighted for a long time, need more bright lighting when reading, and excessive use of the eye will lead to the aggravation of these symptoms. The power of reading glasses lenses is universal. You can use the most detailed eye chart to determine your reading power. Online eye tests for reading glasses offer great help.

The materials and cost of the two eyeglasses are very diverse. Reading glasses are generally made from lower-quality materials. As previously mentioned, it is specially designed for presbyopia and can solve myopia and hinder farsightedness. These glasses have universal advantages and can improve the wearer's eyesight while reading. The purpose of normal reading glasses is to see near objects which are not designed for correcting vision problems. Their functions are not the same as prescription glasses. They are not designed for full-time use.

For another, prescription glasses with specific lenses can precisely meet customer's needs. It is customized and, therefore, more accurate. It is used to treat almost all vision-related problems, including presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia. Ps: This type of lens requires a doctor's prescription.

Prescription glasses can correct most vision conditions which are mainly designed for patients with specific vision problems. Unlike reading glasses that can buy over the counter, patients must consult their ophthalmologist to get a precise prescription to mitigate their eyesight problems. Prescription glasses are made of high-quality materials and have a more comprehensive selection. The lens material is superior, usually coated, and has a variety of styles and higher durability. It is manufactured according to a highly complex process. It would be best if you got your prescription lenses through a series of vision tests. That's the reason why prescription glasses are more expensive than standard reading glasses.

Both glasses have their distinct advantages. To assist you in deciding which glasses are best for your personal needs, here are some matters to consider. Reading glasses are very suitable for patients with mild presbyopia. It is also suitable for those who needn't correct their eyesight each day. It is the best help for older people who want to use their reading glasses to read books or smartphones in the morning. But for long-term use, eyesight correction and all-day wear.

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