Semi Rim Sports Sunglasses
Semi Rim Sports Sunglasses

Semi Rim Sports Sunglasses

Model NO.

★Style protects your eyes ▶We have made this Semi Rim Sports Sunglasses that can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays while making you look attractive, because we know that health and fashion are important.

★Relax every day ▶Semi Rim Sports Sunglasses has highly rated polarized lenses that we have tested for a long time. Polarization reduces glare from mirrors, shiny or polished materials, or any other kind of sunlight reflection. Because you no longer squint, you will feel very relaxed in your eyes. Whether you drive to work or sunbathe on the beach, you will not be so tired at the end of the day because your eyes are more relaxed.

★See the world in its true colors ▶The HD polarized lenses of these sunglasses provide true color perception and eliminate reflected and scattered light. Therefore, you will be able to appreciate the sunglasses in all outdoor activities, driving, fishing or any water sports. Just imagine, you will not have to worry about eye health while enjoying and appreciating the world for every beautiful thing.

★Free movement and free feeling▶We know how uncomfortable frames affect every wearer. We care about your vision and hope to help you keep wearing sunglasses when you need it. Therefore, we have selected ultra-light materials for the spectacle frames and shatter-resistant polarized lenses, and have taken careful measures to smooth and polish each edge, so even if you forget the wear in the sun. Wearing sunglasses has never been easier, safer and more comfortable.

★ Money back guarantee ▶ All customers can enjoy the refund service of our polarized sunglasses. The third-party company double-checked the integrity of each box and the quality of the lens. You just need to send us a message. no risk. So why not give it a try?

Product Name: Unisex Plastic Sports Sunglasses

Model No: SP-907003


Gender: Unisex

Frames Material: Plastic

Lens Material: AC/PC/Polarized

Frame Size:

Hinge Type: non hinge

Color: 1 colors or any color you want

MOQ: 1200 pcs

Delivery date: 60 days

Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

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