The correct maintenance of protecting eyeglasses


There is little doubt that short-sighted people are no stranger to eyeglasses. How much do you know about the maintenance of eyeglasses? The article is sharing with you about the basic cleaning &maintenance of eyewear lenses and how to take care of your glasses.

As the most important tool for correcting the degree of eyeglasses, we often just enjoy it but do not protect it. Remember the three steps of lens maintenance, it not only can prolong the use time of the lens and give you better clear vision.

Step 1: Correct storage and placement
When the glasses are not in use, wrap the frame with an eyeglass cloth and place it in the spectacle box. It is best not to place it on the sofa or bed where it is easy to be pressed.
When you temporarily take off the glasses, the eyeglasses should be folded and placed face up. The right side down is inadvisable because it is easy to scratch the lens.

Step 2: Correct scrubbing
Eyeglass lenses should be washed with water and use detergent to remove grease. Wipe dry with a clean paper towel or lens cloth. It is best not to wipe with clothing corners, cuffs, or old lens cloth. If it is inconvenient to wash the eyeglass with water, you can wipe it off with a special spray or wiper paper. You can blow off the dust on the surface of the lens firstly without proper cleaning tools. It is adaptable to wipe the lens in the same direction rather than rubbing the lens back and forth.

Step 3: Correct use
Ordinary glasses are only for daily use. If you are preparing for outdoor sports or vigorous exercise, such as running or playing ball, please use special glasses. The lens is most afraid of high temperature and direct sunlight. It is not recommended to place the eyeglasses in front of the windshield of the bicycle or under the spotlight. Wearing glasses in hot baths, hot springs, and other high-temperature activities is unadoptable.

We also provide long-lasting anti-fog wet issues and soft eyeglass lens cloth, they are suitable for eyeglass lenses, safety glasses, ski goggles, mobile phone screens, cameras, helmets, and many more. The reusable microfiber cloths offer a softer and cleaner effect for eyeglass lenses.

Any eyeglasses that encounter external forces will have various degrees of damage such as breakage or deformation. Please try to avoid heavy objects overwhelming, or arbitrarily breaking the frame of the eyeglasses, to avoid the deviation of the interpupillary distance caused by the deformation of the glasses and the luminosity inaccurate. Take off the eyeglasses with both hands. Fold the left temple at first and then the right temple when storing.
Doing the above three maintenance steps can well protect the eyeglasses and extend the life cycle of the glasses.