Reading Glasses VS Magnifying Glass


Modern people use 3C products extensively. Insisting not to wear reading glasses or buying the wrong glasses leads to the aggravation of symptoms due to lots of people o not know enough about presbyopia.

It is very inadvisable to wear magnifying glasses for reading as readers by mistake. Reading glasses are tailor-made according to the specific conditions of the human eye, which is very different from the magnifying glass.

What is the principle of reading glasses and magnifying glasses?

Both use convex lenses, which are the phenomenon of light refraction.

Reading glasses-use the convergence of convex lenses to converge the light emitted by nearby objects and image them on the retina through the lens.

Magnifying glass-Using the principle of a convex lens to magnify a virtual image, the object becomes a magnified upright virtual image within the focal length.

1. What is magnifying glass? The magnifying glass mainly magnifies things so that people can see more clearly. It is not used to correct vision. Normal people can also use a magnifier for reading to see subtle things. Reading glasses are fitted for the refractive power of the individual's eyeballs so that the image of the object can be better imaged on the retina, which is suitable the individual's vision What is needed is to better correct vision, protect the eyes, and achieve the purpose of seeing things.

2. Magnifying glass and reading glasses are convex lenses. If the magnifying glass is converted into reading glasses, it is equivalent to 1000-2000 degrees (the degree of the glasses is equal to 100 times the reciprocal of the focal length), which is not suitable for individuals. If you use a magnifier instead of reading glasses for a long time, It can cause eye soreness, eye swelling, eye fatigue, and even damage the eyes. Therefore, reading glasses need to be scientifically prepared after professional optometry. Do not wear reading glasses randomly. Magnifier are only suitable for short-term use or use on some special occasions. Scientifically wearing reading glasses can be suitable for a variety of occasions.

3. The magnifying glass is only suitable for short-term use and some special occasions. While reading glasses can be widely applied for more occasions, and it has the effect of protecting the eyes and correcting vision. Reading glasses can be matched to a suitable pair according to their practical requirements. It is for the individual, while the magnifying glass is only commonly used. Besides, reading glasses can be used for a long time.

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