The types of nose pads


Many friends who wear glasses know that glasses are roughly divided into two parts, and the nose pads are just a small structure on the glasses frame, but to a certain extent, they determine the comfort and aesthetics of the wearer. The following editor will reveal the mystery hidden in the nose pads for everyone.

What are the characteristics of different types of nose pads for glasses?

When designing for different materials and styles, eyewear designers will judge whether nose pads are needed based on the comfort and aesthetics of the glasses. Generally, nose pads for glasses can be divided into the following series:

Different types of nose pads for eyeglasses

1. Water drop nose pads, also known as leaf stem nose pads

This type of nose pad has good comfort and is most commonly used. As flexible replacement nose pads for glasses, it is made of silica gel, with screws as the axis, it can be adjusted up and down naturally at 20-40 degrees, and some even adjust the angle to 60 degrees. The left-right adjustment can be 10-30 degrees, and individual frames can also reach 60 degrees. These soft nose pads for glasses are commonly used in eyeglasses.
Generally, metal frames are equipped with drop-type nose pads, known as silicone nose pads, which can adjust to suit various nose shapes due to their soft nose pads for glasses. It is one of the best replacement nose pads for glasses. It can also prevent some people's skin from being allergic to metal. Moreover, it can also make business rigid metal frames more beautiful and comfortable.

2. Integrated nose pads

The glasses frame is made of acetate material, and TR90 is relatively light and not easy to catch irritability. Generally, the TR90 frame will be molded into a nose pad connected to the lens ring.
Since the acetate eyeglasses frame is cut out of compressed material, the acetate frame with nose pads is usually injection molded with the nose pads after the frame is made. Therefore, distinguish TR90 material and acetate material of the frame. You can observe whether the color of its nose pad is consistent with the frame.

What is the relationship between nose pads and eyeglasses?

Most eyeglasses with nose pads are specially designed for Asians. Because Asians don't have as high a nose as Westerners, and there is no way to wear glasses directly on the bridge of the nose like Westerners, who need nose pads support necessarily. With the support of the nose pads, the spectacle frame has a particular spatial shape.

The lens is generally required to keep 1.2 cm from the eyeball while wearing eyeglasses. Otherwise, if the distance is too close, the eyelashes will touch the lens, and the optical performance will be significantly affected. Therefore, the design of the nose pads on the spectacle frame should have a spatial angle consistent with the above.

Of course, with the needs of different consumers, there are more and more styles of glasses, and the combination of various glasses frames and various nose pads is also born.

How to wear and maintain eyeglasses?

There is no difference between good and lousy nose pads. Consumers with a relatively high nose can choose a no-obvious nose pad design or silicone nose pads for glasses. Consumers with more minor three-dimensional nose bridges wear integrated nose pads, which can modify and highlight the three-dimensional sense of the nose bridge. Of course, the most important thing is to refer to personal wearing preferences and comfort. Since the nose pad serves as the support structure of the spectacle frame on the bridge of the nose, to maintain the wearer's comfort, the nose pad and the bridge of the nose of the wearer must be consistent. There is a very delicate relationship between the nose pads and the bridge of the nose. We should check whether the nose pads of the eyeglasses fit the bridge of the nose. If they do not fit well, the nose bridge will be squeezed, causing indentation, even pain, or causing the center of spectacle frames to deviate from the center axis of the face, causing discomfort to wear.

Therefore, when choosing a frame, you should consider the aesthetics of the glasses and whether the nose pad fits your face. Everyone can choose the most suitable glasses to frame on our official website. We will adjust whether you need any nose pads for glasses according to the characteristics of your face and help you match the most colorful and comfortable eyeglasses.