What affects the life span of eyeglasses?


There are many friends around who wear glasses. Some people follow the trend and frequently change old to new ones. Most of us only wait until the frame is completely broken then replace it. Even more exaggerated and casually repaired and can still be worn. But in fact, glasses also have a lifespan.

How long should glasses last?

Glasses should generally be used for one to three years; however, the average lifespan of a pair of glasses may vary depending on the quality of eyeglasses and the degree of maintenance.

The use time of a pair of glasses is related to our daily life, work, and the degree of eye use and maintenance. Generally, the normal use time is about 2 years. The glasses are composed of frames and lenses. The raw materials of the lenses are resin. Lenses have only diopter power and do not have the function of protection. The lenses sold to consumers can only be used after adding various coatings, but the coatings are not resistant to high temperatures and scratches.

Also, the lens helps the eyes sunscreen, due to external factors, the lens coating will appear cracks, lens scratches, yellowing, color deposition, etc. It directly affects the line of sight, which will affect the vision and cause the degree of vision to deepen. Lens scratches are also the most common lens problem, especially after the lens optical center is scratched, it directly affects the refractive power of the lens.

The second part is the frame. The frame material is generally metal and injection molded. The most fatal problem of the metal frame is fear of pressure. Once the frame is pressed to the deformation, it can’t be restored, and there is an imbalance in wearing. There will be problems such as surface discoloration and lens desoldering, peeling off, corrosion, and fracture by sweat. Normally used metal frames will generally experience slight discoloration in one year, and the period of occurrence of special workers will be shorter.

Injection-molded frames are not friendly to temperature. They are not resistant to high temperatures or low temperatures. They are easily deformed at high temperatures and are easy to harden and break at low temperatures. Although the color of acetate frames will not fade due to sweat problems, the tr90 frame material with slightly poorer workmanship will occur color fading. This phenomenon is even more extensive, which greatly affects appearance.

To sum up, what problems with the glasses are the alarms that should be replaced?

Lens: The lens has been used for more than 2 years, and the sharpness is decreased, the surface coating of the lens is peeled off or cracked, the optical center of the lens is seriously worn, and the lens is yellowish and precipitated.

Frame: The frame is severely deformed and cannot be restored, the accessories are broken, the frame is severely faded (especially where it touches the skin), and the eyeglasses appear hardened and cracks.

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