How to pick the right glasses frame for your face?


There is only one face shape for a person, but there are countless types of eyeglasses can choose from, Have you ever confused that not every reading glasses are suitable for you? That's the reason why those reading glasses look so nice on your friend's face. Recognize your face shape, find a suitable pair of frames, and wear your style and charm.

What is my face shape?

To exactly recognize the shape of your face, it is best to pull the hair back and carefully observe the overall shape and contour of the face.

We have made a list of the 5 main facial shapes and which style readers are best suited for each shape. Please continue reading below to learn how to determine your face shape and the best glasses frames for your face shape.

Which glasses suits square face?

If you have a sharp chin line, choosing round-frame glasses can help soften the facial lines. In other words, any frame with curvature can neutralize the edges of your face, so oval or irregular shapes are suitable.

Which glasses suits round face?

Please avoid all-round frames, otherwise, it will only make your face look bigger and rounder. Pick a pair of eyeglasses that can lengthen your face and help you lower your cheekbones. The square or rectangular frame can bright the contours of the face and lines.

Which glasses suits Oval face?

Congratulations on having an oval face! The oval face is the most versatile face shape which can match all kinds of frames with any shapes, color, and style. However, I want to recommend the irregular shape of the frame, to "break" the balance of the oval face, in addition to creating a visual impact, it can also emphasize the facial features!

Which glasses suits a Heart-shaped face?

If your forehead is wider, the cheekbones are higher, and the chin is narrow that means you are a heart-shaped face. You can choose thick-rimmed rectangular eyeglasses to balance the facial features. In addition, you can also choose a frame with a softer line (such as an oval) to neutralize the edges and corners of the face. Or, wear a pair of cat-eye frames to focus your attention on your eyes.

Which eyeglass shape suits diamond face shape?

Diamond-shaped faces are not common. If you have a diamond face, this means that you have sharply curved foreheads and a pointy chin. Choose a frame with soft lines to neutralize the edges of the face. The cat-eye frames are the best choice in most eyeglasses which allow you to emphasize the cheekbones. Besides, the upper part of the frame with a heavier design can also emphasize the brow bones and highlight the facial features.