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0. Sustainable Eyewear

There was an ever-growing increase in demand for sustainable eyewear. At PILOT OPTICS, we can supply all customers 3 major of Eco-friendly materials for choose on eyeglasses.

✔Biodegradable frames (Corn cob, wheat straw, etc.)

✔Recycled post-consumer frames (Recycled plastic, recycled metal, etc.)

✔ Plant-based frames (Castor Oil Material, among others)

Our factory is GRS-registered. That means each shipment we send out comes with a certificate issued by ITS lab, guaranteeing our customers that we used recycled material truly for that shipment.

Let's create a sustainable planet and change together!

1. Display Packing

Our company is strong for display package program. for example this counter display, we pack glasses inside the display to save space, and it is very easy for each shop to fix the display when receiving the cargo. You see it can even spin at the base, allowing customers to see every angle. Many other counter displays and floor stands are available. Just contact our sales rep. for more choices.

2. Blue Light Block Glasses for Kids

Prevent harmful digital blue light from damaging your kid's eyes with our Blue Light Block glasses! These eyeglasses promote a healthier sleep cycle, relieve headaches, and reduce the chances of eye strain. Our Blue Light Blocking technology infused into the lens and added into the coating can block 30% to 40% of harmful blue light, which will suit customers' varying needs. Unlike the other variants in the market today, our glasses consist of clear lenses instead of light-yellow lenses. There are numerous styles to choose from when it comes to protecting your eyes from digital screens. Furthermore, you have three sizes to choose from - kids' size, junior size, and adult size.

3. Super Thin Reading Glasses With Compact Case

The Super Thin Reading glasses we offer have always been among our best-selling reading glasses series as well. Our unisex, slim reading glasses have been widely praised by customers ever since their release on the market. They feature classic rectangular frames and lightweight stainless steel temples, which fit perfectly inside the included flat cases. Since each pair is thinner than an iPhone, it is easy to carry and feels very comfortable.

4. Anti-Fog Wipes

Effectively stop fog from obstructing your vision through the use of our Anti-Fog wipes. These wipes are suitable for eyeglass lenses, safety glasses, ski goggles, mobile phone screens, cameras, helmets, and many more. You are guaranteed easy decontamination every time since each Anti-Fog wipe utilizes an antistatic formula developed from nanotechnology. Our long-lasting wipes will also last you for more than 24 hours. For those who worry that their lens might get damaged, that won't happen because these wipes are extremely soft. They also come in individual packages for easy carrying. However, these wipes are not compatible with contact lenses.

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